Be Open to Receive

Yesterday I shared my experience about asking and how things often manifest in a different way.

So, today I share something I learned over many years: stay open to receive whatever is coming into your life.

We tend to only embrace the easy and joyful things and nice people that enter our sphere. If we are open we try to receive what we asked for, yet many of us shut down when it looks differently. Or when it hurts – like in my case when I was let go from my job – we fight it first.

I remember fighting and negotiating when I felt that I had to leave anyway. As soon as I let go and embraced the change, which took me two weeks of anger and frustration, things moved quickly into place.

First a friend and shaman asked me, “if they don’t appreciate your work, why stay?”, another old friend encouraged me to get the maximum amount in my severance package – and on my first free ( and still fully paid) weekend another friend asked me if I had time to help shooting a low-budget short film, doing script & continuity.

The shooting was such a new and fascinating experience, though I had already taken part in courses about screen writing and camera…. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was much closer to my heart than all my jobs and I met awesome people, made new friends and was inspired to write again.

So, stay open. You’ll never know how and what shows up. Sometimes it looks quite horrible or frightening first, that’s the Universe in disguise, testing you. Sometimes it shows up in a beautiful form and you feel it’s too much for you. Try to receive and embrace it anyway.

It’s a lifelong process – the more you learn to stay open and thank the Universe, the better it gets.

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