New Month – Fresh Start

It’s another first day – I really love that. Though I know that I can have a fresh start every day, heck, every second of my life, the first day of a month always feels so promising and fresh to me.

So, I started winding my yarn for a new lacy shawl – the pattern is called Sunshowers and I love it for the name alone. Today we had a mix of heavy rain and some sunshine later. Chilly, but sunny.

I tend to make plans easier when a new month or year lies ahead of me.

No idea why, but that’s the way it works.

I am writing here and am working on my book, structuring my thoughts, channelling them into chapters.

I am planning and sorting, listening inside and feeling a lot. I feel really joyful and excited, yet part of me is anxious (“is this going to work? are you sure?”) – oh, my inner critic, she wants to know exactly what I am going to write, when and how I’ll publish…

but wait: I ,the writer,I don’t need to know everything, I am on a journey. right?

I have to remind myself often, very often – but I trust I’ll get there.

Trust is one of the qualities I need when I am writing:

  • trust in my inner voice
  • trust in my ability to get it done
  • trust in my higher self and her guidance
  • trust in my buddies who’ll support me
  • trust in my ability to write authentically

So, I have started today, with my first step – am curious where it will lead me this time. Stay tuned.

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