Lazy Sunday

For all of you out there who were told to always be busy, never rest, because it’s evil or bad: STOP!

Today is for rest. Even if you have a big family and lots of kids, in fact especially then – take 15 minutes at least and do nothing. Just sit and breathe.

Or take 30 minutes and do something to relax, like a meditation or taking a bath.

The more time can take out for yourself the better.

Time for unlearning the old patterns and being kind to yourself.

Try it today. If you can do it more often, do it.

Creating a new habit of rest and enjoying your time takes time, you have to repeat it – I promise, it gets easier with time. The voice in your head might even stop judging yourself for being lazy.

P.S. if you have a cat let her teach you how to relax….

close up photography of gray tabby cat sleeping on yellow textile
Photo by Aleksandar Cvetanović on


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