How to Play Every Day

Yesterday I asked you to remember your favourite childhood games and to feel it in your body.

Now I am going to show you how I include play in (almost) each day – it’s fun and you can do it no matter how busy you are.

On a workday try another way to work, whether you drive or use the trains or a bus, try another way. That will keep you awake, alert if nothing else.

If you go by train or bus, try figuring out, what the guy sitting across does for a living, imaging how his life might look like, what’s his favourite meal, who are his friends? Where does he come from? I play it all the time when I am using public transport. Maybe all writers do it, who knows? It’s fun.

If you have a bit more time go for a walk, probably best at lunchtime or after work. Ten to fifteen minutes are enough. Look around, keep your eyes open for things you usually don’t see when you are so busy.

Now that the leaves change their colours and nature is changing, too, you may want tot take some pictures. Or you collect some beautiful leaves or some nice round horse chestnuts. We used to make some “Männlein” as children, small people, created out of chestnuts and used matches.

If you have  more time, you could start with writing, drawing or singing. People who sing each day are usually quite happy (ask me how I know).


blurred background chestnuts close up color
Photo by Pixabay on


Try to plan each night, before you got to bed, a small playful activity for the next day.

(Important: don’t beat yourself up, if you forget it, do it one day at time. This is supposed to be fun, so be kind to yourself)

Do it for a week and notice how you feel. Do it for a month and I bet you’ll see and feel a shift.

Fell free to share or ask questions, this is the place.


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