Playful creation

It’s Friday – and many of you may feel happy, especially if you don’t love your day job.

I just read an article about working in Germany and how exhausted and unhappy so many people are, because they don’t get any appreciation, work long hours and somehow miss doing something they love.

So I thought I’ll show you how to create on a daily basis – and feel the joy that comes from it. Maybe it does not matter so much what happens in your job, if you have this playful creation going. I know it helped me through many situations in my “cubicle life” – which I left some time ago – knowing that no matter what, I could create something and feel good about it.

So, relax and think about the things you loved ding as a child. Was it playing outside with your friends, was it drawing or singing or just telling the most amazing stories ever? Did you play dress-up and enjoy it so much  you didn’t notice time?


How did you feel then? Try to get back into that state How did you breathe? How did you talk? I bet you were smiling. I bet you had lots of fun.

For now, try to remember this playful state and feel it in your body. Feel, breathe and smile.

I’ll be back tomorrow with easy-to-use techniques to get there more often and play.

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