…and how I deal with it.

We are on day 4 of the 7-Day-Blog-Challenge – and I can feel it in the group, can feel it here.

It’s always there, as soon as we start to set out on our path, when we want to start our project and do the things we love, you can bet it will show up within seconds.

It will whisper in your ear, that you can’t do that, you’re too old, too young, too stupid, don’t have enough money, have a real job to do, have to eat first, maybe go out for a drink first, hey, you can still start tomorrow. And of course tomorrow it will tell you the same story or a different one, that keeps you from doing what you are here for, what you love, what you need to do.


I had written hundreds of stories in my head, but never written them down, because of that. It took me years and for me, luckily, my creative voice never stopped showing up, too. I did “The Artist’s Way” several times and for the first time in years I felt not alone, I learned that everyone, no matter how famous or accomplished, has this resistance. It does not stop, when you have published your first book or shot our first scene. It is always there.


Oh, it’s here now, telling me I should clear my desk before writing or look up this interesting post on Facebook. I am not giving in, I am past the point now. I have written today and I plan to do so tomorrow.

You have to deal with it. If you get scared, look for fellow writers and ask for help. If you really want to deal with resistance you have to show up, every damn day, like these soldiers in training you watch in the movies, like a Marine or Navy Seal, and start writing, push right through it. (Or just yell at resistance until it goes away!)

It will still be scary sometimes, it will still be difficult on some days. You just have to do it each and every day.

There will be easy days and hard ones, like Yin and Yang dancing. If you are a writer, you have to live with  both.

You don’t have to do it for hours, 15 minutes per day are enough to start.

Just go for it!

P.S. don’t forget to celebrate regularly and keep track of how many days you have written.




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