Spring – time for renewal

It’s Monday – again – and I feel excited. After one of these “thinking/feeling” weekends I am now in the planning stage. I am ready to take the next step.

My energy levels are higher. Seems like a miracle, as for me many new things in my life used to start in fall. Now it’s spring and I can feel the energy: re-birth, re-newal is in the air.

For me this means to re-new my promise to myself, to do my thing, to work on my issues as well as to help other people who are on the path and not sure how or where or what is next. Sometimes our paths are blocked, sometimes help is hidden in plain sight…

What is it you want to renew this spring?

Is it

  • your commitment to care for your body, eating consciously and moving more
  • your life the way you want it to be
  • being enough for anything
  • stopping to hide who you really are

Whatever it is, this time of the year feels good for re-newal. Write a list, feel, sit quit, five minutes is enough, listen inside….and write it down.

Carry on with your day and take another five minutes tomorrow. See you then..


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