Two days only…

…until we start this year’s Christmas Course. So you might ask yourself, why should I sign up and have another mail in my inbox?

If you experience the weeks before Christmas like I used to you’ll be busy, running around and planning a lot, having many appointments and feel very  tired  or exhausted on Christmas Eve.

Or you decide you are not into the Christmas rush and get drawn into it, no matter what – because you have to go into the city centre and there are all these busy people, no smiles, everyone so very busy to buy gifts.

That’s why I designed this little e-course: it contains practical and magical tools, it’s a mix like I am.

Practical and planning on one hand, that’s the engineer in me though I studied a long time ago. Magical on the other hand – I learned Huna and LOA and many so called magical tools, that increase serendipity and joyful coincidences and let you flow through life more easily.

For every day from December 1 you’ll find an email in your box, which takes you 1 minute to read and mostly 5 minutes to try, sometimes a bit longer. To make you relax a bit more and enjoy this time of the year.

Why not give it a try ? Sign up here:

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