What Scares You?

I just noticed a quote from Seth Godin on Facebook and thought how doing what he suggests has become a great training for me over the years:

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

When I was young, as a small child, I was not easily frightened, but when Is started school and my Mum told me how many bad things are “out there” it started to scare me.

I did not know that she was depressed and anxious, having panic attacks, I was just a child listening to her mother. I had a phase – until I was sixteen I guess – when I felt easily scared, not knowing what to do, wanting to hide.

Now, my Dad was quite the opposite, even when he was not at home so much, he was very often taling risks, doing what he wanted, even fighting for it. One day he told me “never give up easily, fight for it, if you have to, don’t give up”.

From that day on I always tried the scary stuff – like playing piano in front of a big audience, playing my first small role on stage – I was scared, nervous, but it did not stop me anymore. I even studied engineering – as one of two women in my year. (yes, Dad was an engineer, too)

The more things I tried the scarier were the things that started to show up: travelling alone to New York City in 2000 – yeah, I was scared for 30 seconds, when we were experiencing turbulences – I loved the whole experience. Creating a strong memory from this trip helped a lot with other new experiences.

I just refused to let them scare me. Life said “okay, so we have to throw bigger things at her, now that she’s learned how to deal with it.”

It’s still hard sometimes, for a few minutes – then my “let’s do it anyway”-mode kicks in, I take a deep breath and do it anyway.

What helped me a lot on this way is to no longer care so much what other people think about me. Yes, stuff for another post, I promise. Soon.

So, what scares you? How do you handle it? Would you love to hear more about my techniques and tools?

Please comment and let me know.





4 thoughts on “What Scares You?

  1. I think for me, till recently I was quite happy to live with my fears. Having a little girl changed that. I want her to grow up fearless and believe she will (more easily) with a positive role model. So I take a deep breath and go for it.
    Great post!

  2. Doing what scares me often leads to some great adventures and I learn new things. I have friends who say, “oh no, I couldn’t do that (whatever “that” is)” which limits their life experiences. When we stop trying new things, and doing what scares us we start dying. Great post, enjoyed your reading about your journey from scared to brave.

  3. What scares me now is not being able to finish preparing to die. I have less than a decade until I’m eighty. I’m not as strong or as energetic as I used to be. i’m looking at all that I need to get out of the house and I’m not the same person that used to load and unload, set up and tear down a 30 x 10 foot book exhibit several times a years. I can’t push myself as hard as I did twenty years ago. I have to plod slowly along, doing a bit as I can, hoping I finish in time not to leave it to someone else to clean up.

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