What’s Your Word for 2017 ?

Happy New Year 2017!

Let’s start by choosing a word, a motto for this fresh year.

My word last year was adventure, combined with creativity – so actually two words.

Last year was an adventure, I had more ups and downs than ever – or that’s the way it felt.

Today I ‘m choosing adventure – again. Each day is an amazing adventure, to be alive, to be here.

I ‘m choosing to be courageous and move forward. I ‘m choosing to try more new things. I am going to learn a new language – Spanish. I am going to move again and a lot more.

I have things planned and this year I leave lots of space, gaps to be filled by the Tao (or  Universe or God – call it whatever you like).

What is your word for 2017?

Freedom? Peace? Healthy living? Success? Love?

Whatever you choose – remember it’s your choice. You can always change it!

If you want, share your word with us.

Have a joyful and happy 2017!


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