Yesterday’s look at a possible employer made me think a lot.

The last time I worked in a similar office was in 2004 and everything looked the same, the motivation techniques, the psycho-stuff they use during their ACs.

The other applicants where the same mix of frustrated or different people – gone through lots of similar jobs, not really fitting in, not happy at all…and I seem to be the only one who asks for change.

I mean they comply, they feel sorry for themselves, but aren’t ready for action.

They think there is no choice – in a universe where we are free to choose every second.

Where we can change what happens around us, where we can make our workplace a lot better by being happy and joyful.

Why do we have such a problem with being powerful?

Why is it so hard to go for a change?

Why do we rather fit in and live poorly than stand out and live our dreams?

I have an idea, so stay tuned for more thoughts – and feel free to share your experience.

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