Time flies…..and doesn’t

Today I have a longer todo-list than most days.

Not that much time to write, maybe on the train, maybe tonight. So I am writing this in the morning, thinking how this construct of linear time controls and shapes our lives.

Many times we are running behind, working to get everything done.

And we tend to forget that time is precious, that none of us knows how much time he or she has left on this planet.

It’s up to you how you use your time. Remember that you have a choice, that you are able to stop and slow down.

To breathe and enjoy what you see, to look at your surroundings, to smile at people.

We think, running will get us faster to our destination. When we slow a bit down time seems to do that with us. Time gets stretchy.

To me it feels like time moves, time feels like we perceive it to be.

So take your time and enjoy your day.



5 thoughts on “Time flies…..and doesn’t

  1. Superb..In very simple words you put forth a very profound concept. One thing that i wud like to add.. We always “Find” time.”to do” what “we like to do”. Nice post at UBC…keep sharing..

  2. Hey Sabine

    I enjoy your #DailyPearlsofPrudence 😉

    To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes: don’t be so focused on earning a living that you forget how to live! 😀

    Indeed, time – much like anything else – feels like ‘we perceive’ it to be – BRAVO! #HUGSS

    Your timely reminder has enthused me to RELISH the visit to my sister’s place in GA this week – it’s my niece’s 10th birthday, and I am extremely excited to have fun with my niece and nephew!

    Much love

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