New starts

Monday, a new week, fresh with new possibilities.
Every day I can start new, every day is fresh with new possibilities.

We often limit ourselves to certain dates, like New Year’s Eve or ths start of a week, to change things, do make new, fresh decisions.

What we often forget is that we can start new projects, change our directions every minute, every second.

Many of us were brought up as I was with the idea that we have to stick to our decisions, no matter what happens, whether we are happy or not.

I decided to study engineering and when I finally got my diploma I felt different, I could not imagine to do this job for the next 10 years, not even for a day.

So I tried other jobs in different areas: I worked in a bookstore, then in Technical Support and as IT trainer, as Financial Consultant and in Telesales.
Some jobs were more fun than the others, but none felt completely right.

So, yes, I changed my jobs, I made decisions, I quit when I couldn’t take it anymore and I learned that we are allowed to decide what we want in life, where we want to go.
It’s not always easy and often there’s no “security” on the outside, only the feeling deep within that urged me to change things.

I admit it takes courage, and some of your friends won’t understand at all. But in the end it makes you free and happy.
You get to be who you really are and that is the greatest gift.

4 thoughts on “New starts

  1. I totally agree! My wish for everyone is that find a way to support themselves without it feeling like work. I want my kids to drive to work every day feeling lucky to do what they love and get paid for it. It’s a shame that more kids don’t take time between high school and college to explore the world. What a waste to spend 4 years studying something you find out you don’t like! Colleges with built in coops/internships are very helpful in showing students what life in this field of study really looks like. Thanks for giving your readers permission to change their mind.

  2. I was two semesters into my Psychology major when I sat in on my first patient session. After that session I went straight to the registrar’s office and changed my major to communications LOL It was a hard choice, because I wasn’t sure if it was the right one or not, but I haven’t regretted it for a second!

  3. Choices are the only true Freedom we have – a Freedom we need to execute first and foremost with regards to our own life. Good for Sabine! I love the glimpses into your world. Hard for me to see you as an engineer – even though there is heaps of room for creative expression in engineering! You are strong, and as you say, if something doesn’t work for you, there is no reason to continue in that direction. What many people forget is that we grow and develop and consequently grow out of careers and sometimes even grow out of friendships and relationships. Thank you. HUGS ❤

  4. I started my career as an accountant and found a way to focus on what I really loved (writing). Life is a process and we can make new choices every day. Not just on New Year’s Day or on Mondays!

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