Soul connections

This week I had some nice surprises connecting to people and finding out about a deeper connection, about the underlying web, that connects us all.

Which reminds me of a story one of my coaches told us when we did an exercise called “say hello to the soul”:
“When you all were still angels and sitting on a cloud, planning this adventure and knowing you’d have to forget everything you knew to fully enjoy being human and in a body, you and your best friends set up dates along the way. You agreed to meet in human form and to remind you of your soul, to remind you that you are a being of light. Now look into the other’s eyes and remind him, without words, just be. And tell him or her whatever comes up.”

I experienced some of these soul dates over the last months. Deep connections, trust, love, kindness – and always at the right moment. People I never met before (that’s what my mind says) and instant connecting.

It helps through those in-between moments and it makes the journey so much more fun.

How about you? Have you ever had this experience?

3 thoughts on “Soul connections

  1. What a beautiful story, Sabine. Love the idea of souls sitting on a cloud before they set off on their adventure as human beings.
    I believe that people come into our lives for a reason. The encounter can be short but powerful, because that’s what was meant to be. Other time, it could take a long while to reach the soul. Have to work through a lot of clutter on the way. Once again, THANK you for sharing your thought and your soul. HUGS ❤

  2. Great post – thanks for sharing! I love the idea of having “dates set up” with my best friends of the soul. It makes connecting with people I don’t know that much less stressful!

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