Why I love blogging

Today I was thinking about my blog and what it means for me.

Most of my friends here in Germany don’t blog, are not as familiar with social media as I am and we discuss often why and what it’s all about.

First of all I enjoy the writing process. I love sitting at my keyboard and playing with words. I love to express my feelings – I am a writer. And I decided that I don’t need someone’s approval, I am going to write anyway.
Sometimes it feels like I am talking to myself, reassuring me, cheering me on.
Sometimes I hope somebody out there has similar experiences and me sharing makes him/her feel better.

Sometimes the writing gives me clarity about my next steps, about my path.
As a coach I can share with you what I do and the tools I use – and I learn what is important to my potential clients.

As a creative being writing is creating with words.

Doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month forces me to write every day. No matter how I feel, no matter what comes up – here I am writing.

What drives you?