Yesterday I ran into a friend at the pastry shop. He’s my favourite cameraman and lighting guy and I haven’t seen him a while.
Just now, when I am in the middle of planning a shortfilm, he appears – out of the blue.

Last week I had an email from an old friend, offering me a ride to our meeting in two weeks, when I wanted to cancel because I didn’t know how to get there.

Since I started doing what I love, following my heart – most of the time – I experience this.

Today I was mailing with a 30 Day Challenge friend and found out that we both were on the same online Satsang last night – without knowing it. We both write poems and this is just the beginning.

I find more and more connections and the Universe showers me with these nice surprises to make my days more joyful.

Do you experience these “coincidences” too?