Why Sleep Is Important

Last week I wrote a bit about the very exhausting situation with my Mum and how it drains me. In addition I did not sleep through the night, because I was afraid she’d fall on the stairs and my body was on alert.

On Friday she finally called an ambulance and went to the next hospital, because she could barely walk and was in constant pain. Now the doctors and nurses are taking care of her, giving her a proper medication, so she can sleep and heal.

I noticed as soon as the pressure was gone, that I could sleep a lot better, last night I did not wake up – today I feel refreshed again.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your body and mind will suffer sooner or later. you’ll walk through your day like you’ve been hit by a bus – that’s how it felt for me sometimes, when I had a 6 am shift in customer service and had only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep. Working on auto-pilot, clear thinking not possible.

Give me 6 hours and I’ll work pretty well, give me 8 hours and I am a happy bunny.

So, use your nights and your weekend wisely – have a good one 🙂

Knitting keeps me sane

or: yarn is cheaper than therapy as we knitters use to say 🙂

I often take time in the evenings to knit a few rows. It really helps to keep me centred and calm.

Most of the time I knit lace shawls in fine yarns and with intricate patterns, following the patterns to the letter (or should I say stitch) mostly, focussing on the repetitions.

The first step is always choosing the right yarn and colour for my project:

  • wonderfully variegated yarn for wild socks, with no patter at all (vanilla socks) or a very simple pattern to show off the colours
  • bright semi-solid colours like fuchsia, turquoise, teal and a silk or cashmere blend yarn for a shawl or stole
  • beautiful solid yarn for a sweater or cardigan

Today I usually knit with hand-painted yarns, rarely do I use other yarn, sometime for colour work or a baby blanket.

For my current project I’ll use these skeins – I can’t show you the knitted piece so far, because it’s a Mystery- Knit-Along (MKAL) – so you’ll have to wait until it’s finished.

For knitting to work you don’t need to knit difficult patterns or use luxury yarn, it will work with a simple shawl or hat a ribbed pattern, too.The repetition and the movement with a certain rhythm is good for our brain and it will keep you calm and sane – no matter what – just give it a try.

What I Do When I Feel Overwhelmed

Today is a day that was intended to try new things, write one or two poems, play with ideas for my coaching and writing business.

Instead I feel a bit overwhelmed and exhausted due to a situation at home, with my sick mother who refuses to see a doctor, refuses to get help and instead is yelling a me most of the time.

I work from home, so I am the one who has to deal with it, my brother is working shifts and away for 10 hours most days.

I started to look for solutions, while I am working on my business, on my book. I have a GP’s phone number should it get worse. Yet I feel stuck and overwhelmed today.

I feel exhausted and wish the situation would dissolve easier and more elegant somehow. I know that I am not responsible for my Mum, she’s not senile, she is completely clear. Yet it feels like I need a pause, a time-out from this situation.

So I sit, hand on my chest, breathing in and out for five or more minutes. Not feeling guilty – just taking a time-out. Slowly I start to feel calmer and to relax a bit. I start to remember that everything will work out somehow.

That I am not responsible for another person’s decisions and for their health or housing situation.

I do this whenever I think of it and I know it helps me to get through today and all the days to come.

P.S. I don’t usually write about my situation with Mum, but today is one of the days when I can no longer keep it inside.

Why I love January

While many people are dreading the first month of the new year, because it’s still dark and grey outside, and often a lot colder than in December, I have grown to love this month.

First of all I love the freshness, the new start, a new calendar with so many possibilities ahead. Yes, I can have that during the year, too, but right now I can really feel it.

I love getting back to work, recharged and refreshed, with new ideas and fresh energy.

I read new books (okay, I do this the whole year long). This year I have started with Michael Neill’s “Creating The Impossible” – for 90 days I’ll work to create my project, that I think is impossible to do in such a short amount of time.

For me this means writing my book – how to get out of your box and transform your life. Not only is it about getting out of your box, it’s about the creative energy that is set free when you do that and how it will change your whole life.

January also is a month were I start moving my body more – again, after the sitting and eating over the holidays. I try to walk each day, getting fresh air, clearing my head, moving my body.

I love that the light is coming back in January – no matter how grey it seems – the days are finally getting longer.

This month is a mix of going out and cuddle on the sofa, it’s a month to plan and have a fresh start. And – as every month – it’s a good time to celebrate being alive and enjoy it!

Joyful Planning

Today I am planning my next week – and maybe you are also planning yours.

As important as schedules are, try not to plan out too much. Leave a bit of space for the Universe and the surprises it can bring you. Leave space for yourself. Take time each day for ourself, to relax and recharge.

Happy Sunday!

Be Open to Receive

Yesterday I shared my experience about asking and how things often manifest in a different way.

So, today I share something I learned over many years: stay open to receive whatever is coming into your life.

We tend to only embrace the easy and joyful things and nice people that enter our sphere. If we are open we try to receive what we asked for, yet many of us shut down when it looks differently. Or when it hurts – like in my case when I was let go from my job – we fight it first.

I remember fighting and negotiating when I felt that I had to leave anyway. As soon as I let go and embraced the change, which took me two weeks of anger and frustration, things moved quickly into place.

First a friend and shaman asked me, “if they don’t appreciate your work, why stay?”, another old friend encouraged me to get the maximum amount in my severance package – and on my first free ( and still fully paid) weekend another friend asked me if I had time to help shooting a low-budget short film, doing script & continuity.

The shooting was such a new and fascinating experience, though I had already taken part in courses about screen writing and camera…. I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was much closer to my heart than all my jobs and I met awesome people, made new friends and was inspired to write again.

So, stay open. You’ll never know how and what shows up. Sometimes it looks quite horrible or frightening first, that’s the Universe in disguise, testing you. Sometimes it shows up in a beautiful form and you feel it’s too much for you. Try to receive and embrace it anyway.

It’s a lifelong process – the more you learn to stay open and thank the Universe, the better it gets.

Just Ask for it…

… and it will show up.

That’s the way the Universe/Tao works. You ask, you move towards it and sooner or later it will show up. Whether it’s a new job, a relationship or money.

What we are not told is that it never shows up the way we imagined it to be. It never feels like we thought it would feel. I experienced this a few times first hand.

I remember when I first went to a Tony Robbins Event, UPW in Frankfurt in 2001, I decided afterwards that I wanted to go to a “Date with Destiny” (a 4-day-intensive) in the United States. I also remember that I had no idea how I could go there, because I was in a good job, yes, but did not have the money. Shortly after the UPW and my first firewalk the situation with my new boss got worse – whatever I did, she was not happy, she criticized my every move. Whatever I did, what technique I used, it got to a point where a friend warned me, because she had heard a rumour about people from the IT training department, my department, getting fired and that I was on the list. They could not really fire us because of our contracts, so they offered us severance packages. So one day in September 2001 I knew I no longer had a job and it hurt, but I had the money to go to the workshop (and more).

So, I got what I asked for and in the end it turned out that I was better off without that job ( and my now ex-boss), I had time to rethink and look at my goals, look at what I really wanted in my life. And I went to Date With destiny in January 2002, to Hilton Head in South Carolina. The experience was what the French would call “extraordinaire” – I enjoyed it, made new friends from different countries and years later I still use some of Tony’s tools.

What really manifested for me here was a community, no longer feeling alone and a bit crazy because there are more people like me out there. Even more I was no longer afraid of things happening to me because I learned how to handle them – most of the time.

You’ll have to know that when you ask for change it will come, many times in forms you could not think of. Ask and stay open, move forward to your dream, but be ready to change directions and to follow the energy. If you ask you need the trust that things will turn out even better than you thought. You need patience, because it might take more time than you imagined.

Ask, move and trust – and be open to receive lots of beautiful surprises!

Word(s) for the Year

For the past years I have always chosen a word for the whole year – to guide me and remind me of my priorities.

I just found out that I switched between creativity and adventure for the past three years. It felt odd to choose only one word, so this year I’ve decided to choose three words as my compass.

My first one is FUN: very often I am so busy, taking things seriously and tend to forget that we’re here to have fun and enjoy our precious life. I always choose words I thought fit me and my goals, but today I realized that all the success and goal hunting may bring satisfaction, but is there fun, lots of it? So, following the FUN it is in 2019.

My second word is WRITING: writing is my daily practice, the one that keeps me sane and helps me heal. Sharing my thoughts, expressing my (new) ideas or simply contemplating something that happens in the world or at home – writing has been and still is my favourite tool. It’s so important to me.

My third word is FREEDOM: the freedom to be myself, my true self without masks and the freedom to live life my way. I’ve been living at my Mum’s house for almost three years now, moving in – temporarily – shortly after my Dad had died. The intention was to help de-clutter, to find a new place for her and sell the house. None of these plans has been put into action, partly because my Mum decided, and then doubted, decided again and doubted and so on, partly because my brother does not want to move out of the house. So the only way to save my energy and live my way is moving out again. Freedom also means to express my true self and stop caring what others may think or whether they may judge me.

Of course the three words are somehow connected: Writing is part of my creative freedom – I am having fun when I feel free and am able to express and share my thoughts.

I know that many people suggest to only choose one word and focus on that – but one thing I have learned over the past year is to trust my inner voice. To stop following the so called “systems” and “blueprints” and instead using my own wisdom.

Do you have a word or more for 2019? Please share.

New Year – Same Challenge

I have been thinking about the last year – and my blog. There are some insights in going over a whole year of posts and numbers.

I have written roughly the same number of posts in 2018 as in 2017 and have had roundabout the same number of views.

What I noticed as my biggest challenge is not the writing per se but being consistent, creating new content. During October, when I took part in the UBC ( Ultimate Blog Challenge), I wrote 24 posts and had – for the first time in months – new followers.

There was a communication and interaction I loved – so I decided to give the Ultimate Blog Challenge another go. It starts today for 31 days and hopefully I’ll manage to write and publish even more.

I am also in the process of creating a course for authentic blogging and/or writing and will keep you posted on that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you’d like to join me for this month’s challenge, you can still join here.

Goodbye 2018

I intended to write you a post about planning and setting intentions….

But I will not do this today – simply because I feel we all should take a moment/hour/day to pause. To look back at 2018, be grateful for everything that brought us here. Be grateful for being alive, more or less healthy and happy.

Do not push forward all the time, by setting goals and intentions and plan a lot. I received some emails and read lots of posts on social media about moving forward, setting intentions. They were all written with a certain urge, like we don’t have time to be in the moment.

Let’s just be here and breathe, take a deep breath. Let’s be here and celebrate and say thank you and goodbye to 2018 – let’s be in the NOW.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and lots of joyful and happy moments.

Celebrate life!