Take a Walk

After all the space-clearing,  it’s time for a walk today.
Fifteen minutes are okay, half an hour would be better.

It doesn’t matter where you are, in the big city, in the countryside or just in a
All that matters is being outside, walking at an even pace, not too slow and not too
fast – just walking and breathing freely.

If you are in nature, notice how different it feels to being in an office all
day, like most of us do.

Walk along a river, like I love doing and let the water clear your thoughts.
Walk in a park and look at the different trees and plants.
Walk through the city and choose a different surrounding just for today.

Notice how you feel after this short time outside. Recharged, replenished.
Being outside, walking will give you clarity with every step.

That’s what I experience. All those problems and knots in our minds dissolve
when we walk, at an even pace, breathing, just walk.

If you can, do this every day, not only in December but for the rest of your life.
It has the power to change everything.

Tomorrow we’ll have even more fun, see you then.

Clear Your Space – Part 2

Yesterday you started to clear your space on the outside – today we’ll talk about clearing your „inner clutter“.

Do you have friends or relationships that feel a bit stale, or that don’t feel like you belong there?

For me it’s obvious that most people of my past as financial consultant just don’t reflect who I am right now. Two of them are good friends and more on the creative side, so we’re still okay. The others are nice people, no doubt, but I had to move on.

I am regularly making space for new people. I sort through old emails and delete them, I do the same with texts and I try to only meet with real friends in my free time.

It’s a process and sometimes it’s hard because the other person doesn’t see it your way and still wants to meet, but you feel so drained after seeing them.

I had the opportunity to do this several times over the last years. Sometimes it hurt, or I was so angry about the other person, I had to leave the situation, at least for a while. It’s not always easy, you have to listen very carefully to your inner voice, not the angry or furious one, but to the soft one. Trust your intuition, you’ll know, when it’s time to leave or end a relationship (love, friendship, business, whatever). I’ve learned this year that if somebody just does not get you, it’s a waste of time to try and explain more than once. Sometimes things just don’t work out, for many reasons.

When we have outgrown things or people, it is often hard to see or to move on. I know that, I only suggest that you give it a try and be as kind to yourself as possible during the process.

Inner Clutter also refers to traditions and beliefs that no longer serve you. That’s a bit tougher to sort out because you acquired many of these at a very young age. We’ll talk about that later.

Today make a list of people that you no longer feel good with and think about a small step to set up boundaries.
Enjoy the relief you feel.

Enough work for today, tomorrow will be about something completely different.

(Insert Monty Python Theme …)

Day 3 – Clear Your Space

I feel bit unsure about this on a Friday, on the other hand clearing a bit and making space for the good that is coming your way – you set your intention, right? – makes sense.

Creating space creates energy – and change happens more easily.

In the spirit of Christmas we’ll allow ourselves today to open up for all the gifts of this special season now.

Being open for surprises, unexpected gifts and beautiful things to happen is a great start.

What helps even more is making space, clearing your space for the gifts and miracles to arrive.

Very often and especially now you may tend to accumulate stuff, things that clutter your desk, your flat or house. There are so many things that stop the energy flow.

So think about a small place you’d like to clear and give yourself a 15 minute time slot. Start clearing and ask yourself with every piece of paper, every book, everything:

„Do I need this in my life right now?“

„If not now, when?“

and if the first answer is no or the first is a yes but you can’t answer #2, put it away.

You could also ask “Does this bring me joy?” and clear or put away.

We often tend to keep things for „some day, when I may need this“ and guess what, this day never comes, or if it comes you want something new or something else.
We sometimes want to keep memories – which is okay – unless they start to clutter our lives.

So give things away, throw them away – and trust life to take care of you and your needs.

This is a big step, so start small – one small space, 15 minutes at a time.

We’ll take care of your inner space tomorrow. See you then.

Day 2 – Setting Your Intention


Today I want you to set your intention – not a goal or several goals like you may be used to. Setting goals and not reaching all of them usually makes us feel like a failure. And if we reach a goal it often seems not to be high enough, good enough at all. The joy only lasts a second, if you feel it at all.

Today we’ll set our intention for the next weeks and for this you need to relax first. Just a bit, I’ll show you how.

Sit or stand comfortably. Be aware of your breath.

Now breathe out and release tension, with an “Aaaaahhh” – breathe in, mindfully, and let the fresh energy in.

Breathe slowly and smoothly and enjoy the sensation.

Now visualize yourself during the weeks to come: you are enjoying every minute, you see yourself joyful and then choose your intention: do you want to experience ease and flow, joy and fun, abundance, playfulness – just to name a few?

Or do you want all of the above and more?

Now is your time to choose – see yourself, for a short moment, living and walking through that scene. Tell yourself So be it, if you like, and come back to your everyday life.

Do this frequently over the next days, see it just for seconds each time – you don’t have to believe it, you just have to see it.

Let the Universe / Tao work it’s magic.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to handle the practical aspects of this joyful season.

What Do You Want for Christmas

So here we are, it’s the first day of our advent journey.
Today we’ll get clear on what you want for Christmas.
Most of the time we don’t really want things, stuff – what is behind that is that we want to experience: a certain feeling, a quality – like love, trust, abundance, peace, freedom. So what is it you want this year? No idea or only a vague one? Okay, here’s my first tool for you: a guided audio-meditative kind of thing, that takes only a few minutes and helps you to get clear about what you wish to experience this year. Before you listen, take a sheet of paper and a pen – you’ll need them afterwards.
Now listen to the audio file: https://soundcloud.com/sabine-konrath/your-xmas-gift

Okay, you are relaxed and back from your journey: what is the feeling you want? Is there another feeling behind it? If you want security, could it be that behind this you want to experience love? Is it trust? Whatever it is, write it down and then think of the last time you felt this way: how did you breathe? How did your body feel? Is a colour attached to that feeling? Or a region in your body? You can feel this feeling now – and every day. With or without Christmas.   Tomorrow we are going to look at setting a clear intention for this time, see you then.  

It’s that time again…

…and I’m so busy re-structuring my stuff, moving to another provider and exploring my music at the same time. Add all the outside stuff like a pandemic and Christmas into the mix – yeah, it’s much.

That’s why I decided to skip the usual sign-ups for my free gift. Don’t worry, you can still have all my daily tips and tools for advent – I’ve decided to post them all here for every reader to enjoy.

And maybe, if I manage in time, there’ll be some extras for the 12 days of Christmas, but pssst…. I’m still working on that. So stay tuned. See you tomorrow!

I’m here again – here’s why…

It’s been pretty quiet in here, I know….

I have been busy on many other things and although I was writing lyrics and poems, it’s just not the same.

I tried to write on Facebook, after some friends told me they liked my posts last year so much. But: on one hand there’s the algorithm, meaning I have something to say and those who’d love to read it won’t even see it.

On the other hand I’m trying to get more done by limiting my time on social media – and it’s incredibly noisy out there. I know, during the pandemic many more people joined and are doing marketing and and and…

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

So, you’ll find me writing here again, this is my place on the web – and I intend to make good use of it.

And I’m going to use the trick that always helps to keep me going: accountability. I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge for August – for the billionst time.

Yes, it involves sharing my post on social media, which only takes 30 seconds…and you’ll find some new thoughts and musing every day – at least for August.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come.

Talk To Your Inner Critic

Yes, instead of “destroying him/her” because it’s a “villain” or just calling this part of yourself “asshole” or other bad names – try talking.

I noticed during the last months that a lot of people are having their shadow personas come up and the advice given in some groups like “always turn to the light” or “share your shame and it goes away” simply are not helping in the long run.

Which is a shame (pun intended) – because there are great tools for this work out there, in fact they have been out there since Debbie Ford published her ground-breaking book “The Dark Side of The Light Chasers”.

Until then people on the spiritual path or in self development where taught to turn to the light, always think positive, talk positive – and when this did not work, they were told “you’re not doing it right”. Almost nobody looked at the dark side, not until Debbie’s book came out.

These so called shadow parts – which are often created in early childhood – are parts of you, me, everyone. So it doesn’t help to just look at your beautiful parts like ‘the creative’, “the good mother’, “the lover’ – because “the ashamed girl”, “the inner critic” or like I called one of my shadow parts “the drill sergeant” don’t go away if you leave them in the shadows. They will cost you energy and show up when you at least expect them., like a ball that you push under the surface in a pool, they inevitably show up – and with a lot of power.

Also, you may have shadow parts that are positive, but where not accepted by your parents or teachers – so you hid those parts, too. Like the exuberant boy, the playful storyteller, like the joyful clown.

First a thought on why calling your personas, the ones that seem to keep you from getting what you want- love-success etc. – “asshole” won’t work. Because you don’t respect a part of yourself, a part that you created and – a part that has the job to protect you. It may seem misguided, but these personas are doing the job you needed them for. Fighting them is like fighting parts of yourself – costs energy, leads to nothing.

Instead give yourself time to look at them, invite them (that takes patience, because some of your parts may not come at first, they don’t trust you) – and talk to them. This dialogue often ends in them feeling acknowledged and very willing to take a new job that helps you both.

I’ll give you an example: my ‘drill sergeant”, who made me feel bad and useless, because I barely could deliver work in his tempo or good enough for his standards, I didn’t work enough, I always had to work more….imagine the guy from “Full Metal Jacket” yelling inside my head.

Yeah, that’s him:

I did a process from another brilliant book on this subject, “Insanely gifted” by Jamie Catto, and after thanking my sergeant I asked him instead of the drill, would he like to protect my boundaries? I mean he’s perfect for that – and that’s what he’s doing right now, and he’s quite happy.

Doing shadow work, talking to your personas, this does not mean you let them run the show. That’s your part, your responsibility.

Doing this transforming work means, you integrate your personas, one by one, and by this process you gain a lot of energy that was bound in fighting or ignoring your shadows.

For me it meant, after working on one part, that I created as a teenager, to protect me and help me when I lost a loved one, I was back in the flow. The brake was finally off. My creative energy was so high that I wrote poems at 3 am – I felt a lightness and joy – and I want you to feel this, too.

Dealing with this works from the inside out, a coach or workshop will definitely help (in the US: http://www.thefordinstitute.com, in Europe I recommend Jamie Catto, http://www.jamiecatto.com/workshops – he’s really good at what he does).

It is an ongoing process, like everything in life, but once you know how this works, you have the tools and can handle whoever shows up.

Why you should finish your projects

Even the small ones, especially the smaller ones.

As someone who always has several projects going on at the same time, I know what I am talking about.

And no, I don’t mean knitting projects only.

I have started the outline for my first book and written some stuff, at the same time I’m working on a new poem in German for a competition – and this week I’m taking part in the”555 Songwriting Kickstarter”.

Yes, it’s all about writing – and music. There’s a common theme. And I work in small time slots and focus on one per slot.

So yesterday I finished my Winter Lights Shawl – I thought the i-cord bind-off (only knitters in the know) would take forever, but then I was done. And it felt great.

My energy was free again, for a new project of course.

So this year, I decided to look over my smaller projects and actually finish them, which for me – as a multi-passionate person – is a huge step. I have read and tried so many tools, which often only worked for people with one passion, one big goal.

So, while I’ll keep on working on different creative projects, I’ll allow myself to actually finish some and enjoy the feeling of having accomplished something.

Love Yourself First

Yesterday was World Selflove-Day (I didn’t even know there is such a thing) and today is Valentine’s Day.

I wonder why we need these days – I mean, you are either in a loving relationship – so you are hopefully sharing love each day, or on many days. You wouldn’t need Valentine’s Day to do something special for your partner, right? Besides, sometimes it feels like this day was invented to sell flowers, expensive chocolate and champagne.

If you are single, to be reminded that you have to be part of a couple – now that’s bulls*@t, and clever marketing of course. I know some of my single friends will feel even more lonely today – especially with the pandemic and the current restrictions.

The key to dealing with these issues is self-love. And that is – for most people, and for almost every woman – way easier said than done. Too deeply ingrained are the limiting beliefs that we are “not good enough” “not beautiful enough” “too much/fat/thin/ whatever” – and yes, I know. I’ve felt like this for a long time and when I look at pictures today, I can see that I was totally okay in my teens and twenties/thirties/etc – not looking like a model, but who cares. I was perfect, and yet I felt always like I was lacking something. It was so hard to accept my body, to accept that I am different – a creative and rebellious spirit.

But: there is no other way. If you want to lead a great life, love yourself the way you are. Don’t wait for approval, permission or someone else to love you first.

Start with the thing that helped me, too. Look in the mirror and smile – and say to the person in the mirror “I love you”. I know it will feel weird first. I promise. it will get easier over time. Or use the Louise Hay approach in front of a mirror: say three times loud “I love myself and I approve of myself”. Do this every morning and it will definitely change your life.

Feel into your heart, feel the love – and instead of going outside and giving your love to someone else, give it to yourself first. Do nice things for yourself. Buy yourself some flowers. Go for a walk. Do the meditation – whatever makes you happy. Don’t wait for a partner.

Because, and that’s what’s really great about this, when you are loving yourself, you don’t come across as needy any more – and people can feel that. So it will be a lot easier to attract love.

Also, when you start spreading love because you feel so good – love will come back – in many beautiful and unexpected ways.

Start now – and enjoy your day.