The Way Of The Fool

April 1 – the Fool’s Day. Usually there are lots of jokes and people get really creative….

There’s another way to look at the fool – this trusting, naive being, that’s walking his path with an open heart.

Right now,when times are tough, we tend to build more boundaries, strive even more for security, for safety – which is not a bad thing. Just think about it and balance it out with curiosity and embrace all the beautiful surprises today and every day on your adventure.

Happy April Fools Day!

Day 24 – Celebrate

ay 24 and you did it! Well done!

Tonight is Christmas Eve and that’s when we over here, in Germany, celebrate and open our gifts.

So now is your time to celebrate – whatever you want to do, just do it now.

Most countries celebrate tomorrow, so use tonight, take your time, relax, breathe, recharge – do whatever makes you feel comfortable and maybe you want to give yourself a gift: be kind to yourself in the days that follow Christmas.

Maybe you want to relax even more after Christmas.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noel! Frohe Weihnachten! Feliz Navidad! God Jul!


Day 23 – Let Go Of Expectations

This time of the year is so full of expectations, especially on Christmas Day.

You expect your partner and family to like the gifts you choose for them, you expect them to be nice and kind to each other, you want harmony.

You expect to get gifts that were chosen for you, mindfully, things that you really like.

Let’s be honest: this doesn’t happen for most people.

Family members will disagree or even fight, you may be gifted with things you hate and still your aunt or Mum expects you to be grateful.

Christmas – for many of us – is a stressful time – maybe because we expect it to be wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s why we did the visualization yesterday.

To manifest this you need to let go of the „want“, of your expectations.

You can feel joy whatever happens. Only then can the Universe/God/the Tao bring you the gifts you’d love to receive.

Too much attachment and expectations – and it will not work as elegantly as possible.

So breathe out, tell yourself you’ll accept whatever happens. Let go.

Day 22 – Imagine

Only two more days ’til Christmas – so choose now to visualize your Christmas, your personal one.

There are no limits – just see yourself, in a relaxed state, enjoying everything.

Your family, the conversations, even the little rows, enjoy every part like you’d enjoy fantastic theatre. Because that’s what most of the drama is: people playing roles, doing things like they always did without questioning.

Notice what happens when you observe it.

Be part of it, be part of your family – and observe at the same time.

See the scene, visualize how you enjoy this Christmas, see yourself unwrapping beautiful gifts, enjoy the meals with family and friends (if possible) or having me-time to relax.

Step into the scene and feel it – you’re connected, you feel wonderful and you enjoy every minute. Feel it in your body.

Do this for short moments during the day – and your Christmas will be the best ever.

Day 21 – Darkness and Light

Today is the day of the Winter Solstice.

From this day on the days are getting longer, the light is coming back.

It’s a very old celebration today – celebrating the light.

It made me think how we love the light and don’t want to see the darkness, the dark side.

They are brother and sister, dark and light. They are dancing like Yin and Yang.

So this is the day to look at the darker things in life and embrace them. Then embrace the light, too.

Look at things you think of as bad, wrong and so on. Ask yourself: what did this bring me? Where would I be without this experience? Is there a gift in the darkness, the shadow?

Acknowledge it, embrace it if you can.

Look at the parts of yourself, the parts you are ashamed of, the ones you put in a dungeon, your shadow – look at them and say hello. Be with one of them and embrace it if you can. Be gentle and kind, don’t force it,

It’s easy to love the light – but you can’t have it, experience it fully without the dark.

Take some time today to meditate and celebrate both.

Merry Solstice!

Day 20 – Recharge Your Batteries

We’re counting down now: 4-3-2-1….Christmas!!!

So use today to recharge your batteries, dear reader. (Imagine a Dalek voice: RE-CHARGE, RE-CHARGE, RE-CHARGE)

Read a good book, listen to you favourite music or meditate.

Whatever you need, go, get it now.

It might be a good idea to re-visit the previous days and do your favourite exercise or use the tool you liked so far.

Just use this day to relax a bit more and replenish your energy.

Day 19 – Listen To Your Body

Only five more days until Christmas Day. A time with family – meaning a joyful day at best and many times it means meeting people you would not meet if they were not family and you could choose.

Because, many times, certain family members push our buttons and trigger us. A certain tone in their voice, a memory from long ago, a reminder – and we are in defence mode or feel hurt and want to lash out. We feel jealous or rejected, just because of this person – that’s what we think.

If you feel triggered it’s never the other person – it’s a part of you, that comes out of a shadow, showing you where you feel still insecure or not safe at all.

I have experienced this in my family many times, from my uncle, who always referred to African or Afro-Americans with the N-word, my aunt who always criticized my style and body, my grandma asking for the 1000th time, when I’d finally bring my boyfriend over, my Mum asking me (when I was over forty) if I really wanted to eat another Christmas cookie, why did I not want to be as slim as I was some years ago and live on a diet, oh, and would I ever get a husband instead of just having sex? And why can you not be like other people and have a normal job, house and children?

You’ll have similar issues I guess – and instead of feeling hurt or angry or on the verge of wanting to slap a family member – think of a situation like that right now and take a time out.

Sit for five minutes, hand on your chest and listen.

Where is this feeling in your body? Is it in your heart area, your belly, in your solar-plexus?

Breathe, slowly, calmly, evenly – one breath at a time and listen.

Stay with the feeling and breathe. It may take a short while, and the feeling will dissolve.

Simply because you listened, because you were sitting with it – hand on your chest and breathing. Instead of pushing it away or going straight into reactive mode. Allowing the feeling, being with it and listening will dissolve it. In a good way.

Until it comes up when you get triggered again, in a different way. This is a process – it takes time, it will only work, if you remind yourself and do it consistently.

Start now.

P.S. This exercise was inspired by Jamie Catto and his brilliant work, if you want to know more, go to During the Holiday season his online workshops (go to are free. Have a look and download one or more to help you – not only on Christmas.

Day 18 – Relax

Only six days to go now…

Christmas is coming – and fast.
Today it’s Saturday, time to relax and recharge before things get really busy.

So today your task is to rest:

Take a time-out of at least 15 minutes and rest, for example:

  • take a short nap
  • have a hot bath and relax all your muscles
  • sit down and meditate
  • or do whatever you love to relax.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy x

Day 17 – Set Healthy Boundaries

Over the last days I told you to play and enjoy life, to be kind to yourself – and hopefully by now you have planned each day with „indulgences“, you’ll take time to spoil yourself a bit each day.

To do this it may be necessary to set boundaries, to say NO to others – and a big YES to yourself.

We are so trained from early childhood to please others, that we – especially we as women – have a huge problem when we need to say NO.

Very often we say yes to be good to the other person – and neglect our feelings and our needs.

This time of the year is turbulent and often more stressful, we have more appointments and things to do. And now is the time to say YES to yourself.

If you don’t feel like baking for your family, buy some cookies and cake- DON’T STRESS!!!

If you feel the need to be alone, to spend time in nature – DO IT!!!

Don’t go to these „Should“-events, which could be all kinds of invitations, where you feel you should be, but your gut tells you to say NO, in a polite and kind way, but NO.

Life’s too short for „shoulds“.

Day 16 – Open Your Heart & Receive

Hello, my dear reader,

after spreading  the joy and giving yesterday – to yourself and others, today it’s time to talk about receiving.

While it feels easy to give, because we were taught that it’s better to be a good person, you may have problems to receive the good things coming your way now.

So, take a look at your beliefs around this subject. Very often these are unconscious beliefs from our childhood – which still keep us from enjoying gifts and whatever miracles come our way.

Maybe one of these limiting beliefs comes up for you?

  • when I receive a gift, I owe that person something, too
  • people, who receive a lot, are greedy and/or selfish
  • it is better to give than to receive
  • and so on

You can write them down and transform them into a more positive belief, or you could burn the list with negative beliefs and set them (and yourself) free.

Open your arms and your heart for the beautiful surprises that are on the way.

Enjoy your day x