About me

I am a creative human being.

I am an artist – I write, I sing, I make films, I create daily.

Being a scanner I have a multitude of interests and lots of new ideas to explore.

I am a coach, not because I trained as a coach (which I did) but because I love bringing people back in creative mode.

Seeing the sparkle in their eyes when they feel and re-own their creative self is a wonderful thing.


In “real life” I studied engineering, but never worked in that area. I had many different jobs – worked in a book store, in technical support and as IT trainer, in sales, as financial consultant – to name a few.

I loved some of my jobs because I loved the people I worked with.

So I decided to use my talents and work with people – in my own unique way.

This page is a work in progress – so am I.

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