Day 7 – Eat That Frog

What has a frog got to do with Christmas, you ask?

Well, it’s a book title by Brian Tracy – and it’s a technique I use very often in my life, it works miracles for me.

Let’s say you want to have a successful day and feel relaxed most of the time. But there’s this nagging inner voice reminding you of a dreaded task, something you need to do, but are scared of or just procrastinating.

Look at your list for today now and identify one or two of these dreaded tasks – and DO THEM FIRST.

First thing in the morning: make that phone call you’re afraid of, talk to your boss, tell your Mum you can’t help with Christmas dinner – whatever it is you’re afraid of, do it first.

Breathe deeply and DO IT!


P.S. NO, don’t do it tomorrow, do it now 🙂

(ask me how I know…)

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