Day 6 – Choose Your Priorities

It’s Monday, dear reader, and we start this week with looking at our priorities.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed. tired or stressed, very often you want to achieve too much, often things you think you „should“ do, but aren’t really important to you.

Most of the time you can feel the difference between „shoulds“ and you real priorities in your body.

So let’s take your To-Do-List (better: Could-Do-List) or your schedule for this week and for each task do the following: read it out loud ask yourself „is this important to me?“ ask yourself „will this make me feel happy/successful/joyful?“ – then close your eyes and feel into your body.

Is there tension anywhere? Maybe in your belly and solar plexus? Or a tingling of excitement and anticipation? Do you feel light or heavy?  

Now decide what your priorities are for this week and make adjustments or delegate tasks if possible.  Try to get as much of the important stuff done and reduce the “shoulds”.

See you tomorrow.      

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