Take a Walk

After all the space-clearing,  it’s time for a walk today.
Fifteen minutes are okay, half an hour would be better.

It doesn’t matter where you are, in the big city, in the countryside or just in a
All that matters is being outside, walking at an even pace, not too slow and not too
fast – just walking and breathing freely.

If you are in nature, notice how different it feels to being in an office all
day, like most of us do.

Walk along a river, like I love doing and let the water clear your thoughts.
Walk in a park and look at the different trees and plants.
Walk through the city and choose a different surrounding just for today.

Notice how you feel after this short time outside. Recharged, replenished.
Being outside, walking will give you clarity with every step.

That’s what I experience. All those problems and knots in our minds dissolve
when we walk, at an even pace, breathing, just walk.

If you can, do this every day, not only in December but for the rest of your life.
It has the power to change everything.

Tomorrow we’ll have even more fun, see you then.

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