Clear Your Space – Part 2

Yesterday you started to clear your space on the outside – today we’ll talk about clearing your „inner clutter“.

Do you have friends or relationships that feel a bit stale, or that don’t feel like you belong there?

For me it’s obvious that most people of my past as financial consultant just don’t reflect who I am right now. Two of them are good friends and more on the creative side, so we’re still okay. The others are nice people, no doubt, but I had to move on.

I am regularly making space for new people. I sort through old emails and delete them, I do the same with texts and I try to only meet with real friends in my free time.

It’s a process and sometimes it’s hard because the other person doesn’t see it your way and still wants to meet, but you feel so drained after seeing them.

I had the opportunity to do this several times over the last years. Sometimes it hurt, or I was so angry about the other person, I had to leave the situation, at least for a while. It’s not always easy, you have to listen very carefully to your inner voice, not the angry or furious one, but to the soft one. Trust your intuition, you’ll know, when it’s time to leave or end a relationship (love, friendship, business, whatever). I’ve learned this year that if somebody just does not get you, it’s a waste of time to try and explain more than once. Sometimes things just don’t work out, for many reasons.

When we have outgrown things or people, it is often hard to see or to move on. I know that, I only suggest that you give it a try and be as kind to yourself as possible during the process.

Inner Clutter also refers to traditions and beliefs that no longer serve you. That’s a bit tougher to sort out because you acquired many of these at a very young age. We’ll talk about that later.

Today make a list of people that you no longer feel good with and think about a small step to set up boundaries.
Enjoy the relief you feel.

Enough work for today, tomorrow will be about something completely different.

(Insert Monty Python Theme …)

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