Bring the Joy

It’s another Monday – and I know many people really don’t like Mondays.

They don’t like going back to work. Too many of us live from weekend to weekend. Though with the current situation and working from home, with restaurants, bars and pubs closed, the weekends are not that different over here.

It’s winter and it’s time to “bring the joy” back to our days. I heard Brendon Burchard talk about this in one of his videos, to bring the joy with you, to feel the energy – and I love the concept.

Whether you are a person who feels joyful when she wakes up in the morning – which happens here on some days – or you are usually tired and don’t have the energy, the lightness.

Think of a moment when you experienced a childlike joy – for me it’s connected to a beach, sunshine, spring or summer – like a tickle of energy. But for many reasons I can’t have that right now – so I do the next best thing: in the morning I think of everything I have right now – and say thank you. For example today it was – and still is snowing these fat snowflakes, the ones you can catch on your tongue. Have you ever tried? So that was one thing I did today, that brought me joy. Right in front of my nose.

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

What about the things I can’t have or experience yet? Well, I visualize the things I really want, though it may take some time, until we all can travel freely again, and I will stand on a beach. I look at pictures and feel the wind, the sun, I smell the salty air.

And as long as that takes, I’ll do what brings me joy – singing and dancing mostly. I’ve always loved to dance, to move my body. It gives you an energy boost, especially when you sit in front of a computer screen all day. Try it, get up and choose a nice track, dance for 5 minutes – how do you feel? Is there a difference?

When I sing, I can express all my feelings, not only joy, and it is incredibly liberating. In addition to that, breathing deeper and more also boosts my energy. After an hour of vocal lessons I am usually energized and even euphoric. Do it for 5 minutes, enjoy.

I also plan two or three joyful moments – like a phone call with a friend, watching a documentary about nature or animals, going for a walk in the snow. It doesn’t take much to feel the joy of being here, the joy of being alive.

Remember what makes you feel alive and joyful and then do it – bring the joy!

One thought on “Bring the Joy

  1. Nice post, Sabine. I’m not one who wakes up whistling. It takes me time to warm up to the idea. But it’s good to be reminded that I can try.

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