My Friday knitting

Some of you already know that I love knitting. I also sometimes am crocheting or sewing. It’s a way to stay calm and centred, and I love it.

It’s a rainy Friday – and the right time to look at my current projects and plan some new ones. I love to wind yarn and choose a pattern and cast on a new project. Finishing, now that’s another thing…

My main project right now is the Winter Lights Shawl, which is part of Stephen West’s Hiberknitalong. The yarn is quite woolly, not as soft as I am used to, but such a good knit. I’m on the border and the rows are garter stitch, perfect Netflix knitting, but they are really loooooong (600+ stitches).

My other project, which is currently hibernating, because I can’t make up my mind whether I need to make it a bit bigger, is a lace shawl in silk – it’s Glitterati by Booknits. She’s one of my favourite designers. Finishing this shawl may take a while, too, because the lacy border is beaded.

Now, I looked through my stash and found yarn which is earmarked for another Westknits shawl, Thunderbolts and Lightning. Should not be that difficult to knit and looks lovely.

What makes the decision about my next project difficult? Something every knitter will understand: Booknits does a Valentine MKAL (Mystery Knitalong) with the beautiful name “Hope Remains”, as she does every year, in a lacy silky yarn and with lots of beads (around 1300). I do have several skeins of suitable yarn – but I don’t have 1300 beads.

Decisions, decisions – but then it’s a rainy day and I have a bit of crafting time.

I also have a recommendation, if you are a knitter and love extraordinary, luxurious hand-painted yarns: go look at Posh Yarn. They are my all time favourites and have the best customer service ever.

P.S. These recommendations are strictly personal, I don’t get money for mentioning them, I just love their work.

One thought on “My Friday knitting

  1. Ooooh! Those all look fantastic. I understand your struggle with the larger projects. I am trying not to start any big shawls right now. I have quite a few to finish already. I’ll definitely be checking out Posh Yarns!

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