When a new door opens…

…just walk . Stop questioning the opportunity or over-thinking it.

Don’t be scared, be excited instead.

Excited that your energy matches a new way of life, a new project or a new country or city to live in. A new relationship, a new job, whatever it is. it’s showing up, because your energy is a match for this opportunity.

It’s okay to be a bit scared, to feel like you can’t really do it. That’s part of the process.

It’s like guardians on the threshold, sort of a test, to see, if you really want it.

Sometimes we know we have to walk through the door and we are not sure what lies ahead. So a part of us wants to protect us, often the part of our brain that was very useful when humans were hunters and gatherers – because the unknown meant danger and in the worst case even death.

Sometimes a part of us will even tell us, we have to close so many doors, when we walk through that new one and it will tell you, what you could lose. Maybe it will sound alot worse than it really is.

When you feel scared, be kind, talk to that part – and then listen to your heart, summon your courage and walk through that door, your door.

Because sometimes we think and stop and think again, and when we finally decide to act, the door has closed, the opportunity is gone.

You will feel when something is yours, it may tingle or tickle you, it will almost certainly feel light in your body. That’s a good sign to walk and explore new possibilities.

So take a deep breath, hand on your heart – and do it!

Don’t wait for the right time. When a door opens, walk through.

3 thoughts on “When a new door opens…

  1. I’ve always subscribed to the theory that when one door closes, another one opens, and it would be foolish not to walk through it.

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