When everything feels too much…

.. it’s time to ground yourself.

Give yourself space and time, me-time.

These last months felt very hard, even more on some days, I mean lockdown after lockdown even wears me down, and I am an optimistic, “always look on the bright side” person.

With many plans on hold or delayed, I know when I start to worry too much or feel overwhelmed, it’s time for grounding.

What do I mean by that? Like the word says, it’s time to connect to the earth, to do something practical and nurturing.

There’s nothing I love more than having my hands in the soil and plant. In February though I often do the second best thing: go for a walk in nature, hug a tree, breathe and walk, recharge your body and soul.

Or go into your kitchen and bake – bread, cake, cookies, anything that gives you a feeling of having accomplished something. Letting the dough rise is relaxing. Working with your hands feels empowering.

Same goes for cooking a meal :it doesn’t have to be complicated. My comfort food #1 – because it reminds me of my beloved Grandma and her kitchen – is (as we say in German) “Bratkartoffeln mit Gurkensalat”, which can be translated as “home fried potatoes with cucumber salad”. For me it’s the smell of her garden, the herbs in the salad. Making Sauce Bolognese is also great, because you need patience, while it simmers on the oven for three hours, and the smell alone is so worth it.

You could of course do a short standing meditation. Imagine roots going from your feet into Mother Earth. Imagine your worries sliding down and into the earth. Imagine her energy flowing back through your feet and legs right into your belly, where one of your energy centres is located. Do this for a few breaths. How do you feel?

I am always stunned by the effect such a simple act like breathing consciously has.

I am also feeling much better and lighter and more myself when I do my grounding on a regular basis.

How about you? I’d love to hear what you do – please share.

2 thoughts on “When everything feels too much…

  1. Awe, I really enjoyed your post and I feel your pain. Some days go by fine, other days I fell like I don’t even have the desire to get up and moving. I go from being sad, to angry, the back to sad sometime within a few hours, then be fine again. I guess it’s like grief where waves will come and go. I lost my grandma 22 years ago and sometimes it will hit me out of nowhere. One thing I know is that we are NOT ALONE. We are all feeling this one way or another no matter where we are in the world. Hopefully it will all end soon. Thanks for the tips and suggestions. I have not done meditation, but may look into it. Mostly I just try to stay busy and take my dog for a walk when it’s nice. That seems to help. I love to bake, but usually only do it during the holidays. Maybe I will give that a try again. Didn’t have much excitement to do it then. Hang in there!

  2. I absolutely loved everything in this post! I have recently been practicing meditation, but was not familiar with the grounding. That is on my to do list now. You write beautifully, and I can

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