Content Planning – it’s easier than you think

Yesterday I promised you tips to plan your content, for the next 27 days – and it’s easy once you do it my way.

First let me introduce you to a concept I use for brainstorming – mind-maps. They get very often used in business or project planning, but I love them for the creative process. Here’s why: mind-maps speak to both sides of your brain.

Also, I am a visual type and I love how I can use colours in the structure or add to it, whenever I have a new idea. For a brainstorming session it works for me way better than making lists. I love non-linear things. So, give it a try, will you?

Start with some themes you love to talk (and write) about – for me that’s mainly being authentic, reclaiming your true voice, being creative. I love music, films and books. I love knitting and working with different yarns. I love to plant, cook, bake and ground myself.

So there are many areas – write down some ideas for each of your themes. Work with colours, to group your ideas.

Now: write each idea on a little sticky note or index card.

Then I start grouping some ideas, like for instance winter, creativity, writing, photography, knitting and so on. I go looking for pictures and quotes that fit my themes. I play around on Canva a lot.

Many times an interesting quote inspires a whole new blog post.

After that I print out a sheet for the month and put my ideas on colourful post-its.

Now the real fun starts with putting themes and titles to the dates and schedule some writing time.

When I know that I’ll have a bit more time on a specific day, I then write several posts and schedule them.

Because I know after several Blog Challenges that I may find myself one evening and – having completely forgotten about the UBC – and I start panicking about my posts. If I prepare my posts in batches, I can avoid that stress – or at least try.

So, this is my way to plan and prepare for the challenge. Any questions?

Feel free to ask and stay tuned for more to come.

4 thoughts on “Content Planning – it’s easier than you think

  1. I’ve done mind-mapping at company retreats and conferences, but never thought to do it for my blog content. Thanks for the idea. I will give it a try. Quick question – are you saying that you use Canva to create the “map” or is that where you put your ideas? I’m very interested in trying this for myself! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I use Canva when I want to post a special quote, to find a picture and the matching font. Or the perfect colours and fonts for content. And sometimes I just play a bit for fun 🙂

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