Why I’m doing the UBC again

and why I think you should join, too, as a blogger or writer.

The UBC or Ultimate Blog Challenge happens several times a year, for a month – and the challenge is to write and publish one post per day on your blog. So in February the goal is 28 posts – and this is my first one.

You then put the link to your blog in the UBC group on Facebook or share it on Twitter – which will drive other people to you blog. You can also explore other people’s blogs and comment.

Not only is this traffic, it is also a great way to put your stuff out there and get feedback.

But most of all, it will help you create a habit, a writing habit.

This alone is worth it. I’ve tried and sometimes managed for several months to write each day. I didn’t publish a post each day, I was writing.

When you call yourself a writer, you have to write – it’s obvious, isn’t it?

I have met so many people who told me they want a blog, they want to write their book, but they are blocked. I’ve heard all the reasons, and I have used them myself for years – no time, not sure which idea, don’t know how to set up a blog, still waiting for inspiration etc.

One thing I know though – after all my attempts and telling myself, maybe habits aren’t for me, maybe the time is not right….I know there is no right time. You’ll never be ready. Waiting for the moment when inspiration strikes is a myth.

I don’t feel like writing every day – often I have no idea what to write or when. I do it anyway. Start putting words on the page, write your first sentence and go from there.

It can help to set a timer, to just write for 7 minutes. No matter how busy you are, you have 7 minutes, don”t you?

If you don’t know what to write – don’t worry: when you sign up on http://www.ultimateblogchallenge.com, you’ll receive one email per day with ideas and prompts.

So, join a bunch of bloggers from all over the world and have fun.

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll give you my planning tips, so you can make this project a success.

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