It’s Christmas Eve – and I thought I’d share with you something about the twelve magical nights between Christmas Day and Epiphany.

In German, they are called „Rauhnächte“, which translates as „rough nights“ or „wild nights“ (not what you may think it means).

For ages people have done certain rituals on that nights: some to calm down the demons that are riding during this wild nights, some to connect with the souls of the dead – because it is said that the veil is thinning at this time of the year.

So, one thing is to put a candle in the window for your deceased loved ones.

Another one is to smoke your place, to clear the energies and your space.

These days „between the years“ are a good time for pause and rest. A time to reflect and meditate.

These nights are also great for oracles of all kind. Each of the twelve nights connects to a month of the coming year. Pay attention to your dreams and write them down. Draw a card from your favourite card deck each night, take note.

Finally, there’s a ritual for your wishes – and that’s something I’ll do this year (not instead of planning, but as a bonus) – so I invite you to join me.

First of all take some time for yourself and get to a quiet place. Now think about your wishes and write them down, one for each month of the year and an extra one, so you have thirteen wishes on thirteen small slips of paper.

It’s important to write them down in a positive form, like they have already been granted, so „I am healthy and full of energy “ is better than „I want to loose weight“, „I live in a beautiful flat“ is better than „I want to buy my dream house“.

Fold them and put them in a bowl.

Starting tomorrow night, when it’s getting dark, pick one of them – don’t read it again, don’t look – just hold it for a moment in your hand. You are about to do something special. Now burn the slip of paper (in a safe place) and let go. Trust that the Universe/Tao will take care of it. Do this on each „Rauhnacht“.

On January 6th there’s one wish left – open it! This is the one thing you have to take care of yourself.

P.S. If one of my friends knows more about the „Rauhnächte“ or has similar rituals in her country, please share. I am always happy to learn 🙂

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