My Gift For You

Today I want to tell you what the “24 days to Christmas” mini-course is all about.

I created this course as part of a “30 Day Challenge” with John Williams in 2015 – and have been running it each December since.

The idea came from watching some of my friends and many other people getting very busy, sometimes panicking, even being exhausted in the run up to Christmas. It didn’t matter if they were into Christmas or not celebrating at all.

There was a huge amount of stress in the air – so I thought why not create something to calm people down a bit, remind them to take care of themselves and enjoy this time of the year. Of course I also created it for myself, to stay centred and calm, to feel the joy of being here now.

You’ll get a tip or tool each day, sometimes an exercise, sometimes a thought to shift your mindset or to re-frame your experience. It will take you two to five minutes – and from the feedback I got, I know it will shift your mood.

So, if this resonates, please sign-up here:

Sign-ups are open until December 4th, Midnight PST.

P.S.: It’s completely free, no hidden sales-pitch, this is my gift.

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