Ground yourself

We live in crazy times right now. No matter where you live on our planet, you may feel that things are falling apart, there’s more chaos, nobody knows what the next months will bring – more lock-downs in Europe, civil unrest in the US, whatever you see when you watch the news or talk to people.

This can feel overwhelming or really exhausting. Then it’s time to unplug, to recharge or to just ground yourself.

Here’s my list of things that I do on a more or less regular basis, that keep me going and sane in every situation, no matter what.

  • Unplug from the news or limit your daily intake to 15 minutes
  • Spend as little time as possible on social media or don’t go there at all
  • Leave the house and go for a walk, try to walk in nature if possible and reconnect. Feel your feet touching the ground, feel the energy of the planet – even when you are not walking barefoot
  • Do something with your hands: plant herbs , do a bit of gardening, take care of your plants, talk to them, if you like.
  • Cook a meal for yourself (and your partner/family) – take the time and enjoy the cooking process, smell, taste, use your senses.
  • Bake a bread or a cake – and do it with gusto. Enjoy the process, take your time, maybe learn a new technique.
  • my personal favourite is knitting, the rhythm is calming and I get something beautiful out of the process

Whenever you do something like that, you get out of this “reactive mode” we have been in for most of 2020. You choose to do something that feels good and this is very important.

We tend to forget, especially during the pandemic, that we still have choices. Don’t focus on the chaos and (perceived) limitations. Focus on all the things you can still do. Focus on your health, your creativity – stay sane.

P.S. and stay tuned for the special 2020 edition of my Christmas course….

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