This is not about the virus…

…it’s about us. You, me, all human beings.

How do we handle an unexpected crisis? How do we treat each other? How can we stay calm, centred, positive?

I can choose to panic, go into what they call German Angst – be afraid of the future, think dark thoughts and so on. Read lots of news, be afraid of a recession, that’s the down-spiral.

I can be egoistic, focus on me and my people only.

Or I can see and feel – now, that so much noise is gone – how beautiful and powerful our Mother Earth is. That she may have needed this break. That we are all connected anyway. That human beings are capable of so much love and compassion.

I do understand that this is a global crisis and as we are all on this globe, we are all affected by it. We will get through this, that’s not what I worry about. I strongly remember other events (HIV/AIDS, Tchernobyl..) that were really scaring me when I was younger and I remember some of my friends going insane with fear. Fear is as contagious as the virus. Fear and panic never help: we have to connect (not physically, there are other ways) and help each other.

I can choose love instead of fear, being calm instead of panicking, showing compassion instead of building walls.

It’s a choice, you, me, we all have the choice – right now it’s more obvious, but we choose each and every moment. most of the time it happens on a subconscious level. If you start noticing it, you have a choice to get out of your daily trance and do what feels right for you.

I’ve seen a lot of the negative choices and false information on the web last week, yes, but there are so much more hopeful, empowering and loving posts.

I see some of my friends taking their teachings online, offering free classes and live streams on health, meditation, yoga, body work or Taoist techniques. Or just a Zoom call to check in and talk.

I see positive videos of people in lock down singing together at their windows – I admit I cried when I watched the first one from Italy, so beautiful and moving.

I see people that I haven’t spoken to in months, old friends and colleagues, we are checking in, spreading positive vibes or just some silly jokes. People are re-connecting – that’s what makes us strong. This web of caring and being here for each other. That’s what makes us go on, no matter what. Love, friendship, creativity, music, experiencing some lightness and joy.

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