Joyful Planning

It is Sunday, the second Sunday of the holiday season here – and people relax, meet friends, go to a concert or a Christmas market. This time of the year has a special feel to it, warm, cosy, joyful.

It made me think about our weekdays. Every day of our live is special, it’s a new day to celebrate the miracle of being here, being alive.

Of course we plan our weeks, I do this every Sunday – but very often these lists and our calendars are cramped with tasks, things we may enjoy, but more often we are just busy getting stuff done.

How would you feel if you started to plan your weeks differently?

But there are things I have to do, in my job and for others, you may say. Yes, that’s right, and I am not talking about abruptly stopping to do what has to be done.

What I suggest is thinking of something you enjoy, something that gives you the feeling of being creative or relaxed – or something you love to do just for fun.

Make a list of these things – going to the movies, knitting, meeting friends, cooking a meal with your partner, go for a long walk, try a new cuisine – you get it, I guess. If you are struggling to some up with these activities, think of everything you loved doing as a child or about things you only do on a vacation.

Now try to plan at least three activities for next week. Write them into your calendar and do it! See it as a must!

Think of four smaller things that bring you joy and do them in between the bigger three. For me this is having a coffee at my favourite place, starting a new knitting project, buy a new book or go to one of the 15 minute advent meditations in my town.

Notice how you feel when you plan your week this way. Is it different? Are you already excited?

Enjoy your feelings and have wonderful week!

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