Today is the Day

Not only is today the last “official” day to sign-up for my Christmas course, today is the only day we have.

Like the inly time to decide is not later or tomorrow, the only moment is now.

I notice that I often try to move a decision to a later point, even for small things. I also noticed that my Mum always did that, not able to choose or decide right in the moment.

My Dad on the other hand was a person who could decide on the spot – not only in his job where he sold and offered support for these heavy machines used for coal mining, but also in our everyday life.

I did it both ways and right now I believe the decision right in the moment – if you have most of the information you need – is the best way, because you keep moving instead of standing still or looking to the past.

So, if you want to try something new, today is the day.

If you want to have a better time in the run-up to Christmas, feeling relaxed instead of exhausted and filled with joy instead of being tired, why not sign up for “24 Days To Christmas” right now.

Sign-up here: – it’s open until Midnight PST.

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