It’s that time again…

Although this space has been quiet for many weeks now…and I had a really crazy and sometimes exhausting year…it’s time for my Xmas tradition.

I have to confess I was thinking about skipping this year, but then I read through the mails, adapted them to the calendar and thought, I really need to do this for myself.

Well, it’s a tradition since 2015, but anyway….I am late so I better tell you what this is about. If you have read my posts over the years you can skip this and sign up below.

It’s called “24 Days To Christmas”, it’s completely FREE (no sales pitch, I promise) and participants have really enjoyed it.

Here’s what Stefan from Denmark wrote:

I would like to compliment Sabine Konrath for her series: 24 Days to Christmas. Every day in hectic December, towards Christmas eve, her mail with an exercise or task is a little oasis to me.  

I like her heart-centered approach to life, combining ancient wisdom traditions with common sense of modern human beings’ lifestyle.

(And then a little spelling mistake or font mismatch does not matter at all. It just makes it human.) 

So, my conclusion: She means, what she says: Relax, Enjoy and Have Fun, too – doing so.

Thank you, Sabine, for the Joy you bring to all of us, who subscribe to your 24 Days-2-Xmas-course.

I’ll be sending you one mail per day, from December 1 until Christmas Day and it only takes a minute to read it and three more minutes to try the tool. You can skip the days you don’t like, just take what you like and what helps you to relax and enjoy the run-up to Christmas so much more.

Sign-up here:

Sign-ups close on November 30, Midnight PST.

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