October’s Blog Challenge…

…and why you should be a part of it.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) starts tomorrow and you can still join.

Whether you have your own blog up and running or you have been wanting to start – this is for you.

Each day of this month you’ll be writing and publishing – is there a better way to form a habit? To create a connection to your audience?

You’ll get an email per day with tips and ideas, as well as two trainings during the challenge.

I’ll do it anyway, because my blog was silent for some months now due to personal reasons. Time to write and share again – time to get feedback and comments. Time to (re-)connect.

How about you?

P.S.: you can join here http://www.ultimateblogchallenge.com

P.P.S: watch this space for tools and more fun stuff for creative people.

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