Why Sleep Is Important

Last week I wrote a bit about the very exhausting situation with my Mum and how it drains me. In addition I did not sleep through the night, because I was afraid she’d fall on the stairs and my body was on alert.

On Friday she finally called an ambulance and went to the next hospital, because she could barely walk and was in constant pain. Now the doctors and nurses are taking care of her, giving her a proper medication, so she can sleep and heal.

I noticed as soon as the pressure was gone, that I could sleep a lot better, last night I did not wake up – today I feel refreshed again.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your body and mind will suffer sooner or later. you’ll walk through your day like you’ve been hit by a bus – that’s how it felt for me sometimes, when I had a 6 am shift in customer service and had only gotten 2-3 hours of sleep. Working on auto-pilot, clear thinking not possible.

Give me 6 hours and I’ll work pretty well, give me 8 hours and I am a happy bunny.

So, use your nights and your weekend wisely – have a good one 🙂

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