Why I love January

While many people are dreading the first month of the new year, because it’s still dark and grey outside, and often a lot colder than in December, I have grown to love this month.

First of all I love the freshness, the new start, a new calendar with so many possibilities ahead. Yes, I can have that during the year, too, but right now I can really feel it.

I love getting back to work, recharged and refreshed, with new ideas and fresh energy.

I read new books (okay, I do this the whole year long). This year I have started with Michael Neill’s “Creating The Impossible” – for 90 days I’ll work to create my project, that I think is impossible to do in such a short amount of time.

For me this means writing my book – how to get out of your box and transform your life. Not only is it about getting out of your box, it’s about the creative energy that is set free when you do that and how it will change your whole life.

January also is a month were I start moving my body more – again, after the sitting and eating over the holidays. I try to walk each day, getting fresh air, clearing my head, moving my body.

I love that the light is coming back in January – no matter how grey it seems – the days are finally getting longer.

This month is a mix of going out and cuddle on the sofa, it’s a month to plan and have a fresh start. And – as every month – it’s a good time to celebrate being alive and enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Why I love January

  1. I like January too. It’s a great time to plan and set goals you want to accomplish the rest of the year. It’s also a good time to evaluate any goals you didn’t achieve last year.. Many people do some of this at the end of the year, but I believe January is better. December is about celebrating and being with family/friends. Just my two cents worth. Thanks for sharing. Good luck in 2019!

  2. Valuable thoughts on the month – I found myself nodding in agreement. And I agree, like every month it’s perfect to appreciate what we have, celebrate being alive and give thanks!

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