Goodbye 2018

I intended to write you a post about planning and setting intentions….

But I will not do this today – simply because I feel we all should take a moment/hour/day to pause. To look back at 2018, be grateful for everything that brought us here. Be grateful for being alive, more or less healthy and happy.

Do not push forward all the time, by setting goals and intentions and plan a lot. I received some emails and read lots of posts on social media about moving forward, setting intentions. They were all written with a certain urge, like we don’t have time to be in the moment.

Let’s just be here and breathe, take a deep breath. Let’s be here and celebrate and say thank you and goodbye to 2018 – let’s be in the NOW.

I wish you a very Happy New Year and lots of joyful and happy moments.

Celebrate life!

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