The Longest Night

Today is the day of Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – which means it’s the shortest day, the longest night.

From tomorrow on the days will get longer, the light is returning.

I love this day because it reminds me that even after the darkest night, a new day will begin. The sun will rise – once again.

Over the last weeks I felt a lot of darkness, politically, emotionally – there was a feeling of “will it ever work out” – not only for my business, but for my relationship to my Mum, my brother and of course what was happening in the world right now (especially the US and the UK made me worry).

I had to try hard to see the goodness and love, that is always there. The light that is always there. I had to remind me that I can only see it because of the darkness. That kept me going.

Today – as I did for the last years – is my day of rest, of meditation, of celebration – and today, for the first time in weeks I feel lighter. I feel hope and love being stronger. I still feel like pausing a moment, to feel into the light.

Tonight, after solstice, there’ll be a special Full Moon, adding even more light and energy.

So – if you like – make some time today to notice what’s happening, feel into the dark side and into the light. See the light getting stronger each day from now on.

Have a Merry Solstice!

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