This week has been a bit busy on one hand – because my Mum needed help with insurance stuff – and I am the only one here who has worked in that area once. So I had to help, and to be honest, it was costing me a lot of time because my Mum thought somebody else had handled things, but it turns out, they didn’t. She still likes them more than me, so it was a bit difficult to handle.

On the other hand, I was trying to be quiet and listening, which lead me to a place where I am looking into the things and people I really want in my life.

I tried to push some work stuff, some tax stuff – but did  not succeed, because I felt so very tired. So I did nothing, really notthing, just sitting and listening inside. Breathing, sitting, just being. That and a lot of sleep got me back on track – even if I noticed there are no tracks. We are on a spiralling path – growing with each round, never being at the same point twice.

I also noticed how much we are in the doing-state – I got many notifications from a women entrepreneur group on Facebook – always urging me to do, to show up and take steps.No time for rest, always busy, and pushy as hell.

My whole body went: “NO WAY” – I felt strongly that now is my time to listen, to reflect, to feel into the energy of the last year and to clear, let go and make space for the new. These weeks are all about being me – the doing will come, just not now.

I have also not started my planning for 2019 yet. I know how to structure and plan, I have been doing it my whole life – and for once I am open to plan less and leave more space. I am open to surrender to my destiny and my Tao. Jumping into the river and flow with it.

This means, I’ll take action, of course, but I also give myself time and space, time to look back and pause, time to celebrate 2018 (very important!) before I start 2019.

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