End of Year Panic

November ends today and then it’s December. only a bit more than 4 weeks until New Years Eve.

And no matter what I’ve done so far, almost immediately I’m going into panic mode. Even knowing that years are man-made and an illusion, I still fall prey to this, maybe, because most of the people believe in this reality.

So, what can we do to get through panic mode and back to our “normal”,  more relaxed and joyful state? What can I do to handle it?

  • Breathe – deeply, slowly and lovingly. Three deep breaths help me to get back into my core, to remain centred when I start to panic.
  • Ask yourself: what is the worst thing that will happen if the year is over and I haven’t done everything on my list? Imagine the worst possible outcome – is it really so bad? Could you still enjoy life? (Hint: most of the time the worst will never happen and it is not as bad as we think)
  • Don’t beat yourself up, try instead to be mind and plan the last month of the year with enough kindness for yourself.

Now plan your last month of the year with less small stuff, try to do only the most important things. Delegate the not-so-important stuff. Leave space for rest and re-charging.

And breathe. You’ve got this!

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