Give Yourself Time and Space

As the year comes slowly to an end many of us start planning 2019. Making plans is fascinating, I know. I do it myself.

Over the years of planning and creating I’ve learned a thing or too – so maybe this will help you, too.

  1. Look back at the last year and write down which plans did work out and why. Look at the results and be grateful.
  2. Now look at the things that did not work out as planned and the results from these events. Give thanks for that, too. It may have worked out differently, maybe even better than you thought.
  3. Think back to all the unexpected things in 2018 – good, bad, ugly – and, even if it feels bad, try to give thanks – because it’s your life and it is what it is. Accept it, so that you can change that – should you want it.

Now start looking at the things you want to do in 2019:

  • in which areas do you want to achieve which goals? Think about job/business, health, family & friends, finances – but as well about adventures, travel and creativity. We often forget what nourishes us and our soul.
  • try to only plan up to 60% of your time – and, yes, block time for holidays, family and – lots of me-time, where you allow your thoughts to drift. This is the most important thing to boost your creativity. You need a change between focussed work and daydreaming. Make it your goal to cultivate this “doing nothing” – make it a habit, allow yourself time for it each and every day. Recent studies show that being continually busy and running around in the hamster-wheel is bad for our creativity. You need to give yourself and the Tao/Universe a bit of space – or even better a lot.
  • include a small or bigger celebration when you reach a goal, it’s good to celebrate your steps along the way, not only the big goal.
  • try to set an overall intention for the year, don’t go into detail so much, just something along these lines “I intend for this year to unfold with supreme elegance and magnificence. For me to be healthy and strong, happy, joyful, creative, abundant,. so I can enjoy every minute of this adventure.” Use your own words and try to see it – even for a few seconds – you don’t have to make yourself believe it, just see it, that’s enough.
  • enjoy the planning process – use colourful pens and markers, make it fun.

Here’s to a happy and successful 2019!

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