Yesterday my day started with a surprise:  I was not able to go online.

As I work on content for websites, in an app, that was developed for easy writing, that meant, no access to my texts. Not on my laptop, not via phone.

Me being a techie, I did some troubleshooting – but obviously it was nothing on my side, so I had to wait and check. What was really interesting was that I noticed how much time I spend  online.

Thankfully it was Friday and I decided to let go and juts hope it would be back later on – because I wanted to join a FB live with Lee Child ant 5.15 pm.

So, I did a meditation, lots of writing and planning and knitting.

I felt a bit strange, but somehow much more relaxed than usual.  I did not care so much about the FB live any more, nor did I about some tasks because I knew they’d still be available later.

This state of letting go and accepting, instead of calling my provider, yelling at them or swearing – it has done the magic. Some minutes before 5 pm I tried just for fun and it worked. I even managed to get on the FB live – and – as Lee Child could only answer a few questions, I was surprised and happy when he chose mine. More about that later.

So, what this experience was showing me, is that I can survive being offline and even enjoy it. That I can let go and let the Universe or Tao take care of my needs. That being kind to myself is important. And that knitting is like a meditation and good to keep me sane and I love the first rows of my new shawl.

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