Feeling tired

Maybe it’s the healing I am going though right now, maybe the change in our weather. I have no clue, I’m just feeling overwhelmed and tired.

I feel like reading, writing and knitting to keep me sane. And I need my daily dose of Qi Gong. But I am tired of reacting to everything that happens on this planet, in the media, I just have had enough.

I need the quiet of autumn, the walks into dusk, the foggy mornings.

I don’t need as many external things than I thought. I am in a process of going deeper, exploring feelings, triggers and very softly trying to love and embrace it all.

That takes time – quiet time. So I am doing my job, but am less willing to succumb to peer or group pressure. I am doing what I really want – at least I am on my way. I am doing that by being me, the woman I always was and will be…not the person I thought I should be. Just me. That’s enough.

Hopefully this will over time help me to get my energy back and my real power. I believe the power women use, when they tell you they are now visible and powerful is often too much yang, too outgoing and many times just vanishing in the air. If we try this hustling in our business and use repressed anger to be powerful – instead of talking to our shadows and listen and reclaim the power from our heart – then it’s not my way. I want to live from inside out. I know that the love and power from the deep processes will get me through everything – maybe not loud and visible, but with my true power. With the power of my true self.

So, stay tuned, I’ll share with you what happens along the way.

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