Coming soon…

… you guessed it: holiday season and Christmas….approaching faster than I thought. Which is no wonder: we have still +15 degrees outside here in Germany and it really  feels like a late summer, early autumn time. Okay, it’s getting dark earlier. But to be honest, I can live with that… I love candles and everything.

These days don’t feel like fall yet, and winter is far, far away….and with winter Christmas – because I associate Christmas with snow, sleigh rides, snowmen. Early childhood memories of ice and snow and walks in the forest with my Dad and our dog – to visit one of my Grannies – the smell of apple pie, of tea and strong coffee, hot chocolate for the children. And snow, soft falling snow, and the beautiful silence.

Well, global warming  has done it: I long for a white Christmas and probably will have to travel for one. The last snow I remember was in Bavaria, when I was on a coach training and we were stuck. The snow was waist high and I loved it.

So, back to Christmas: this time of the year should be peaceful and heart warming. It’s a quiet time to spend with family and friends – or alone, to recharge for the year to come.

Well, that’s not what happens every year, no matter how much we try…

We get caught up running around like crazy organizing the perfect dinner, talking to family members we don’t want to speak to, not – especially not – on Christmas.

Or we try to avoid all the hustle and hide, only to get out buying something to eat and end up in the crazy crowd. Not very nice, a bit exhausting and somehow this crazy time will get to you. It’s contagious and often not in a positive way.

So I created some years ago a mini-course for the 24 Days to Christmas. I have done it with some friends three times, and this year you can get it, too.

This is my gift to my friends and readers, a completely FREE companion for December. No sales pitch, no challenge – my gift for you to enjoy December – no matter if you’re into Xmas or not.

You’ll receive:

  • one audio meditation
  • 24 daily mails with a tool, exercise or something else to keep you enjoying this month (it only takes 2 – 5 minutes each day, I’ll do the exercises myself, too)
  • our own secret FB group – you can join if you’d like and share, but no pressure – do whatever feels best 🙂

Sign-ups are already open:

24 days




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