When Life Gets in the Way…

… just listen and follow your energy – or, as my Taoist teacher says: Dance with your Tao.

Last week I hurt my knee, which I did not realize first, but then it started hurting – my body was screaming at me, so that I would finally listen.

I have of course consulted with my “guru” in Chinese medicine, ordered homeopathic stuff and done some acupressure and energy healing on my knee. I listened and started to balance my sitting in front of the computer screen and working with soft movement and rest.

I tried new ways (walking down the stairs backwards), new shoes and walking barefoot. And I started to feel the connection – again.

For once I did as much work as I could and let go of the rest. I was sleeping a lot more – for me that’s always a sign that my body is processing it.

I did some short walks on Monday and yesterday, cautious to not over do it. I feel it’s getting better – and know I have to have patience – not one of my strong virtues.

What I learned from this experience is simple: when life (in whichever form it chooses) is telling you to stop doing something or to let go of plans – though the first reaction may be panic and resistance – sit and breathe. Let go into the feeling that it will work out. That you are always taken care of, that everything may not be as you wanted it, but it is okay. It will work out – my new mantra.

Don’t fight and waste your energy – breathe and let go (I know it’s easier said than done, but hey, you could try?)

balance blur boulder close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




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