A good book …

… on a Sunday or whenever makes my day perfect.

Having time to read, maybe even opening a new book, is what I love on a Sunday – and every other day.

Most of the time I am too busy,  or at least it feels like it, until I stop and take some time to read. It’s this “mmmmmmmmmhhhh”-feeling for me, my body is relaxing, I am entering a complete new world. I love it.

At the moment – like often – I am reading more than one book – in fact I started re-reading Ian Rankin’s “Rather be The Devil” before I start the new one, “In a House of Lies”.

My singing teacher and friend gave me one of Ian’s books, I think, it was “Black and Blue” – because I wanted to travel to Edinburgh one day and because I love a good thriller – more than ten years ago. After the first book I could not stop. I read everything with DI John Rebus in it – and the older he gets, the better, like a good whisky.

On the other hand I am reading, in small bits, Robert McKee’s “Story”, because I believe in storytelling and have even been writing short screenplays some years ago. I love good movies, great stories and am eager to learn from the master himself.

I am not only a writer, but a poet, so it may be the right time to pick up Stephen Fry’s “The Ode less Travelled” – I started reading it, but life got in the way. I enjoy Fry’s kind of humour and love reading and writing poetry.

And then there’s Reacher, Jack “no middle name” Reacher by Lee Child – I discovered him a few months ago, I think Judith was raving about Reacher again. My brother had read some of the books in German as well, and loved it. Being  a bit sceptic first, I started with “Killing Floor” – and just could not stop. I opened Vol 8, “Enemy”, today – and find it – as the last seven – fascinating and can’t put it down. Sometimes I think I should read something less, let’s say Yang, with less violence and weapons, but I never understood why women read “chicklit”, just not my taste. I prefer a good thriller at any time.

Not to forget Ken Bruen and his Irish Noirs, I love Jack Taylor and have already enjoyed “Ghosts of Galway”.

So, what are your favourite books and is there a good thriller I should definitely put on my list?



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